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Sylvia Hillman Charity Director

Welcome To Stop and Talk Fife

Stop and Talk Fife is a counselling service for individuals who would like to ‘Stop’ for a moment and think about themselves, reflect and consider an opportunity to change, establish meaning, make sense of and explore personal experiences.  To ‘Talk’ can help healing and affirm psychological wellbeing.

Stop and Talk Fife offer an affordable counselling service that provides time and space for you to talk to someone with a counselling qualification, the skills and experience  to help you address issues which may be making you feel anxious, depressed, stressed, stuck, or unable to cope. Some of the areas we have worked with are: Depression, Life Changes, Relationships, Bereavement and Loss, Gender and Sexuality issues, Alcohol and Substance Misuse,  Abuse,  Bullying,  Low Self-Esteem,  Self-Harm,  Stress,  Anxiety.

About Us

Stop and Talk  offer counselling and psychotherapy  for individuals who would like to ‘Stop’ for a moment and think about themselves , reflect  and consider an opportunity to change, establish meaning, make sense of and explore personal experiences.  To ‘Talk’ can help healing and affirm psychological wellbeing.
Our locations are in St Andrews Fife, . On Wednesdays we meet clients in Families First, Rose Lane, St Andrews. KY16 9EW (not wheelchair accessible) and on Thursdays we have a room in the St Andrews Community Hospital, St Andrews KY16 8AR
Counselling sessions last 50 minutes and are arranged with the same counsellor each week. You will be offered up to 12 counselling sessions in the first instance. Further sessions can be organised in discussion with your counsellor, and the work is reviewed regularly.
Stop and Talk is a confidential service where difficulties and issues are discussed with sensitivity and respect. We abide by the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and by their Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice.


You can make an appointment by telephone, email, or writing to us. You can only make a booking for yourself, and not on behalf of someone else.

If all available counselling spaces are full in St Andrews we have a waiting list for appointments .   We will take your name and details and contact you when a counsellor becomes available. You do not need a referral from your GP or any other professional to make an appointment.

Meet Our Counsellors

Sylvia Hillman
Sylvia HillmanCharity Director
I am a qualified counsellor with a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling (with Distinction) from Edinburgh University.  I am a registered member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).  I completed my training with Wellspring Counselling and Psychotherapy Edinburgh and then went on to do voluntary work for Crossreach Counselling Lothian’s as well as working self-employed.   I moved from Edinburgh to Fife in 2011 and decided to start up a charity in St Andrews to provide an accessible counselling service for people in Fife.

I have worked in education and with the military for over ten years and will continue to seek paid employment to support my work as a volunteer counsellor and project manager of this counselling service that I feel very passionate about.

I have spent many years combining my role as a Career Consultant and Counsellor using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to make realistic action goals for the future. Whilst Psychodynamic therapy, also known as insight-oriented therapy, focuses on unconscious processes as they are manifested in a person’s present behaviour, the goals of psychodynamic therapy are a client’s self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present. In its brief form, a psychodynamic approach enables the client to examine unresolved conflicts and symptoms that arise from past dysfunctional relationships that manifest themselves in unwanted behaviour. In our counselling relationship, we work together to explore the difficulties and aim to make positive change.

Angela Davey
Angela Davey Counsellor
My background is in nursing and Physiology. I went on to train in general Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Group work, Bereavement Counselling and Supervision of other counsellors. I am an accredited CBT therapist working in private practice and as a volunteer for a local charity. The main areas in which I work include recent stress or prolonged anxiety; panic attacks; bereavement; phobias; obsessions and/or compulsions; social anxiety; problems with eating; health anxiety; recent or past traumatic experiences; depression; relationship problems and problems with identity and self-worth including lack of confidence, assertiveness or poor self-image.

CBT, or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has been proved to help treat a wide range of emotional and physical health conditions. The therapist and client work together to investigate patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving in relation to people, situations and events. This awareness allows an individual to recognise unhelpful styles of thinking, to challenge and update beliefs and to find alternative effective ways of behaving or reacting in difficult situations. For many years, I worked in hospitals and in the community, both as a nurse and a counsellor. I am passionate about my work as a counsellor. It is my opinion that the most important role for the counsellor is to provide a good space for the client in which he or she feels safe and heard, so that each person feels freely able to talk about the issues that are adversely affecting them. There are many approaches to counselling and no one style fits everyone. My style is informal and collaborative and draws on many years of personal learning and experience.

Sheila Blair
Sheila Blair Counsellor
My background is in Health Sciences and for many years I worked for the NHS as an Occupational Therapist before going on to train as a counsellor. I gained a post graduate diploma in humanistic counselling and supervision before going on to further in depth training in gestalt therapy. I am a registered member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and worked for many years as a Samaritan and volunteer counsellor at the Tom Allan Centre in Glasgow before retiring from the NHS and moving to Fife. My work as a private practitioner for a number of years was combined with volunteer work at the Charis Foundation, a Christian Counselling centre in Leslie

Gestalt is a deeply relational embodied and creative approach that can support us to find deeper meaning in our lives. It is both compassionate and challenging and we as practitioners believe that unfinished business and fixed or habitual patterns of behaviour that have developed in the past to support us, can affect our ability to live creatively. Each of us is expert in our own lives and we all have the capacity to resolve issues and make choices, but at times things can seem overwhelming. The focus of the therapy is the developing and building of relationship so that honesty, trust, value, openness, and tracking of our experience from moment to moment can be recognised and shared. I provide a safe and confidential space and together we will explore how you interact with others and encourage and develop greater self awareness, as we pay attention to the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual processes that are part of our human experience.

Lorraine Lojko
Lorraine Lojko Counsellor
I have a Psychology Degree (Hon’s) Post Graduate Diploma in Pluralistic Counselling, and P/G certificate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I also have training in Holistic Therapy (accredited) and Counselling Addiction (accredited). I am a member of BACP and BPS, and I have a wide variety of training and experience counselling individuals within private and work place settings. With a particular interest in personal growth and change, being a pluralistic counsellor,  I believe people have the resources within to identify changes they need to make while also possessing the inner strength, energy, and abilities to do so.

However, I am also aware people may need encouragement and motivation to actually believe this.  In a safe and trusting environment, I will respect your thoughts and feelings; my aim is to understand your world view and offer support in exploring aspects of yourself or your life that are troubling you, identifying areas of difficulty and finding coping strategies and solutions that feel right for you, and ways of putting them into practice. The main areas in which I have   experience  include:  addiction; depression; stress;  anxiety social/ health; phobias; obsessions; transitional change; identity; self-worth; confidence problems ; recent/past trauma; bereavement; and relationship problems.


Barbara Maxwell
Barbara MaxwellCounsellor

My background is primarily in the field of education; formerly in Primary Teaching then in Further Education where I lectured in English and Psychology in colleges in and around Glasgow. Needing a change of direction, I gained the Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling from the University of Strathclyde .I then worked as a volunteer counsellor in the Tom Allan Centre in Glasgow, and also counselled in private practice. Four years ago, I moved to the East Neuk of Fife and came on board as a counsellor with StopandTalk in St Andrews. When I’m not counselling, I love to explore this beautiful part of Scotland, where peace is to be found in the glorious countryside.

My training is in humanistic or person-centred counselling, although I do on occasion use other approaches if deemed necessary. The person-centred approach holds the belief that we are all striving to be ‘the best that we can be’, that we have the resources within us to be happy and self-fulfilled individuals. However, at times in our lives, we seem to go ‘off track’ and lose our direction. My job as a counsellor is to help the client achieve a clearer picture – of where they want to be; who they want to be; and support them in their process of growth and change.

I am a registered practitioner of ‘Rewind’ – a technique for helping people suffering from PTSD.  I am an Accredited Member of the BACP [ British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy]. I work with both individual clients and couples.

My aim as a counsellor is quite simply this – to enter the client’s world, and accompany them wherever they choose to go, on their journey towards personal growth and wellbeing.

Iola Wilson
Iola WilsonCounsellor

I trained on the Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling at Edinburgh University in 1997. I have had a wide range of jobs ranging from script writing for children’s comics, working for the British Council and being a charity administrator for 14 years. For the past 20 years I have been a counsellor at a Scottish Higher Education institution seeing both students and staff. I enjoy working with people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

I come from a person-centred/integrative background but think that the most important element in counselling is to forge a good relationship where you feel safe to explore whatever issue is on your mind. I am used to working with the wide range of issues and life events that people may  bring to counselling.

Jan Darlington
Jan DarlingtonCounsellor
I come from a military background, serving in the Royal Air Force for over 12 years and have had various jobs since leaving the RAF, including working in a Police Control Room to carrying out administrative work within a Scottish Higher Education Establishment for six years. I gained my CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling at Charis Counselling Training Centre in Leslie, Fife in 2015, while carrying out my two-year clinical placement at DAPL (Drugs, Alcohol and Psychotherapies Limited) in Leven.  I carried on working with DAPL for a further year and eight months after finishing my training, which included voluntary work and further paid sessional work within the Fife area.  I also have experience of working within a generic setting, volunteering at Insight Counselling in Dundee.  I am a registered member of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and I am currently practicing as a Person-Centred Counsellor.  I have worked with a range of issues which include anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug addiction, anger and bereavement.

I volunteered as a Listener with Samaritans for several years which inspired me to become a Counsellor, gaining insight into the importance of the human relationship and how offering a trusting, safe and empathic environment is paramount in facilitating self-growth. I believe as a Person-Centred Counsellor that everyone is an expert in their own life and has an innate capacity and drive to work towards personal growth given the right conditions.  I strive to offer a genuine, non-judgemental, and empathic space for you to explore any issues that are troubling you and to work towards a greater self-awareness and positive change in your life.

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